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  • MYOB Payroll Alert

    11 July at 18:03 from atlas

    We are finding more and more clients are not running the correct reports for filing PAYE and their Remittance Advice or EDF File if IR Filing.

    Point to note is there are TWO reports that are required to complete your schedule and Remittance Advice if you print ALL reports in the Change PAYE process you will get a schedule AND a Remittance Advice Report.

    The reason you require both are that the ESCT on Employer KiwiSaver only appears on the Remittance Advice Report it does not appear on the Schedule.

    If you need to reprint for prior periods go to the following menus:

    IRD Remittance Advice

    This will reprint in one report for all previous periods.

    Any problems please do not hesitate to contact the office for help.