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News Updates

  • Infusion Demonstration of Upgrade Features

    28 October at 08:50 from atlas

    Please Register if you wish to attend the Infusion Software Update on Version 8.3.  Spaces are limited

  • New Staff Member

    23 July at 19:58 from atlas

    It is with pleasure that we introduce Rebecca into our office.  Rebecca will be working with Infusion Installs and Support helping ...

  • Latest Payroll Release

    23 July at 19:54 from atlas

    Please note there is a new Payroll Release available 2013.2.938.  Please contact the office you require a link for this.

  • Infusion Mobile App

    31 May at 08:36 from atlas

    We now have a release of the Infusion Mobile App that is able to be run from Iphone/Ipad/Android and Laptops.  Please contact the ...

  • Latest Payroll Release is 2013.1.933

    31 May at 08:35 from atlas

    Please make sure that you have the latest payroll release.  To check this go to the main screen of Payroll and press Ctrl R this ...

  • New MYOB Products

    13 August at 18:14 from atlas

    Watch this space we have some exciting new MYOB Products on their way which could change the way you work and from where.

  • MYOB Payroll Alert

    11 July at 18:03 from atlas

    We are finding more and more clients are not running the correct reports for filing PAYE and their Remittance Advice or EDF File if IR ...

  • MYOB Atlas Free Website Offer

    9 July at 19:27 from atlas

    Here is an exciting opportunity for Small to Medium Size Businesses to design and own there own website completely free for 12 months. ...

  • Infusion Version 6.2

    29 June at 13:01 from atlas

    Infusion Business Software has now released version 6.20. With some new and exciting features. Please make sure you read the release ...

  • 20 September at 12:21 from facebook - Check out this link MYOB users!!